Genius Bar Is Open

This past weekend I was excited to mount a newly created silver Apple logo in my home office.

Evenings of Swift coding had to stall a little, but after several sessions of cutting, sanding, priming, and painting, I finished the Apple and installed it above what my wife refers to as my home office Genius Bar.


Yes, you could say we are an Apple family with 21 devices and counting, so the office definitely was in need of a larger Apple on the wall to augment the smaller one on the table. 🙂

I’ve been completely remodelling my office for several months now, as time permits. When I came up with the general design for the remodel, I envisioned a productive Apple inspired office that would be clean, uncluttered, tidy, bright, and modern.

Without telling anyone except family about the plan, once the remodel was only partly finished, several visitors remarked that it reminded them of an Apple store. With the shiny new Apple now an integral part of the decor, I guess there will be no uncertainty about the office theme.

The two pieces for the Apple logo were cut a from section of scrap maple that I purchased for $6.60. With some paint and primer added in, the whole project was a reasonable cost and well worth it.


Now that this project is complete, back to #swiftlang for more fun and adventure.

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