A Solution When macOS Sierra Hangs on Shutdown

In my previous post, I discussed the solution for solving external monitor blurry fonts when upgrading to macOS Sierra. Today was another session troubleshooting an issue after my upgrade to Sierra. This time, it was hanging during a restart or shutdown.

A minute of searching for that issue revealed many had experienced the same. There are likely multiple different flavours of this issue, and some suggestions involved a safe boot, resetting SCM or PRAM, and other techniques.

Those actions did not resolve my issue. I came across a few posts suggesting that MySQL was the culprit, and that upgrading to the latest v5.7 would fix it. However, when I started the install of a newer version of 5.7 compared to what I had installed, the installer hung as it was nearing completion.

Sure enough, a little more research and I came across this excellent post, which described exactly what I was seeing. I followed the resolution process, which was to completely remove all traces of MySQL, and then install the v5.6 community version. That did the trick, and now everything is running smoothly. It is unfortunate to go back to v5.6, but that's what it is until there is a fix available.

If your Mac with Sierra is hanging during shutdown or restart, and you do have MySQL installed, it is definitely worth checking whether that could be the cause. Before doing anything drastic, you can go into System Preferences > MySQL, and uncheck the Automatically Start MySQL Server on Startup. Stop the server from running, and restart to see if the problem is temporarily resolved.

If MySQL isn't the issue in your case, then obviously you'll need to consider some of the other options, but the main purpose of this short post is for those that do have the issue with MySQL. 

Hopefully I can return to iOS development now, and the glitches since upgrading to Sierra are behind me 🙂

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