Will We See 32GB of RAM in 2017?

Like many others, in 2016 I was anxiously awaiting the new MacBook Pro. A newer CPU was a given. Battery life, weight, size, screen, we knew they would be improved. I had one mandatory requirement and I assumed it was a given. 32GB of RAM.

Sure, Touch Bar is interesting and if nothing else, a cool new novelty. But, does it help professionals in their day-to-day work? Quite simply, no. I really don’t care about Emojis while I’m writing code.

There are enough reviews already of the pros and cons of the 2016 MacBook Pro, and the cap on RAM at 16GB has received plenty of press, so I’ll leave it at that.

Apple, if you are listening, I still love you, but last fall I didn’t have to think twice about whether I would drop $3500+ CAD for an already stale new MacBook Pro laptop. It simply wasn’t a sensible option. I would have taken a MacBook Pro with 32GB of RAM and function keys over a Touch Bar.

For the reported 2017 update, all whispers point to 32GB as a possibility, but not a given, with battery life still factoring into the decision. A price drop has also been mentioned, so here is hoping that the next update of the MacBook Pro can justify the Pro part of it’s name and cater to professionals that want a 32GB machine, while coming in at a slightly lower price point.

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